Best Practices for Marketing During and After COVID-19


Best Practices for Marketing During and After COVID-19

Many businesses have paused or reduced their advertising in the last few weeks. Conversely, others have set responses in place to react to the changes in consumer searches.
Though it’s going to seem counterintuitive, now is the time to carry steady to make sure a robust come within your marketing after COVID-19. As businesses withdraw themselves due to the COVID-19 situation, great opportunities will surface if any business can maintain a long-term marketing strategy.
To make your digital marketing techniques effective, your team should begin to plan adjustments in response to the shift in searches, competitors, and market share. In other words, your past business strategy set-up before and through this crisis will likely not apply to your marketing after COVID-19.

Adjusting Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Bidding Strategies

The competitor market has changed. As we mentioned earlier, many businesses are responding to these changes in drastic ways, some by cutting their PPC marketing budgets altogether.

Though it may not make sense right away, holding marketing budgets is the recommended move. That said, sticking to the same automated bidding strategy and targets will not make sense for your marketing after COVID-19.

We recommend reviewing & adjusting both manual and automated bidding strategies. Also, you should monitor your campaigns’ marketing strategy given the volatile market. Remember, conditions will continue to shift. Therefore, if you don’t just set and forget, you may be able to go along with the changes.


Highlight the key points which are a powerful resource for markets. Hence, you can use Google Trends, which is a great digital marketing tool to understand how people are searching online.

Powerful and effective marketing strategies are all about adaptation and monitoring search trends. Include weekly digital marketing tasks which should include reviewing search and search queries on Google Analytics. Primarily to know what queries people are using to seek out your business and strategize your marketing after COVID-19.

Device Strategy

Daily routines will go from working from a laptop at home to desktops to going back to mobile use during commutes again. In other words, mobile traffic may have decreased, but you will want to adjust your PPC campaigns for mobile traffic after the quarantine. Indeed, you ought to review your marketing campaign device settings. When the time comes, make your brand highly visible on mobile again, using effective digital marketing techniques.

Ad Copy & Extensions

Review the messages in your pipeline to remove anything that seems insensitive. Not all ad copies will have relevance for your marketing after this Pandemic.
Similarly, you will want to keep tabs on which competitors are advertising. Some questions to consider:

1. What is their message?

2. Are they pushing promotions?

3. If so, what are they?

Tip: “Shop local” has been one among the favoured search trends. Use this and variations of it in your ad copy marketing strategy to help vendors and shops in your community.

Quality Score

If you haven’t done this already, specialise in your quality scores. You can do this in a few easy steps. First, pull an inventory of all of your current keyword quality scores. Second, brainstorm to make new content for your PPC ad copy. Finally, do the same for your landing page. Together, these will improve your quality score.


If you stuck to the plan and continued marketing through the outbreak, we’ve got excellent news. You’ve probably built up a considerable audience that you simply can now remarket to as a part of your marketing after COVID-19 plan.

When the dust settles there will be a number of things to shift back to like updating any of your business operations on your website, Google My Business & Bing Places. Whatever adjustments (business hours and phone number) you made during the quarantine, make sure to shift back.

It will take time to find the new norm for marketing after COVID-19, but each of the points above will prepare your marketing strategy efforts for shifts that are expected.

Focusing More on the Businesses Development Strategy and Marketing Techniques

As we start to partially reopen some business sectors, the main target should get on safety and promoting public health. Letting your customers know that your business is taking care of keeping people safe, but also returning to some semblance of normalcy is vital. Especially now, there’s tons of unclear information from brands and authorities about when and the way businesses can operate. That’s where performing some specific optimization for marketing post-COVID-19 can come to the rescue for you and your customers. Learning the way to do business in our new paradigm is hard enough, during this post, we’ll offer you some post-COVID-19 marketing tips to require one thing off your plate.


The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on businesses
Talk about the security measures you’re taking
Tell customers about changes to your service
Relate to your customers
Keep budget concerns in mind
Use additional channels

The Impact of The COVID-19 Outbreak on Businesses

Taking a better check on the number of the info from this strange time will give us a thought of the scope of the matter. Naturally, since this is often a developing and ever-changing situation, the numbers are more fluid than normal.

The business metrics that are assessed deals created and deals closed, show a downward trend and highlight the instability of the economy and buyer behaviour alike. However, you’ll see that things are beginning to trend upward. This suggests that as things still improve within the business world, you’ll maximize starting your post-COVID-19 marketing campaigns early.

However, COVID-19 affecting e-commerce businesses is something unexpected. There are a few e-commerce businesses that got affected but they came up with new ideas to solve their problems and utilizes the technologies and facilities they have to unline many business models. Many have paid more attention to delivering groceries to the doorsteps while closed down delivering cooked foods. Plenty of businesses have digitized and those already online are doing better comparatively.

Talk About The Safety Measures You Are Taking & Tell Customers About Changes to Your Service

With the clear continuing danger of COVID-19, your business has likely changed your day to day digital marketing practices to promote the health of your employees and customers. Making this crystal clear for your customers is absolutely critical for everyone involved.

Whether you are using masks, changing your hours, limiting the number of people in your physical locations, promoting curbside pickup, or anything else, explicitly tell your customers all the details. Not only will this show them that you care about their safety, but it will also give people an idea of what to expect when they do business with your brand in the near future.

Changes may be in the form of slower shipping times, product availability or pricing, your brick and mortar locations, or any other important updates to your business.

Keep Budget Concerns In Mind

Switching gears a little from our discussion about your marketing messages specifically, let’s talk frankly about an important potential change to your marketing efforts. One of the most prominent digital marketing effects in lockdown is the economic impact on businesses of all sizes. If your business has lost revenue, you may be considering cutting back several aspects of your budget.

One place that may come to mind is your marketing budget, but don’t forget that marketing emails are performing better than ever. That said, you probably want to reduce costs as much as possible. It is also a good idea to look for a marketing platform that offers multi-channel support so that your marketing campaigns can grow with your business.

Use Additional Channels

As you are reopening your business after COVID-19 quarantines start to ramp down, consider making use of more marketing channels and best digital marketing practices. The way that people have been using the internet has evolved even in the few months that we have been staying inside.

Experts at Digital Catalyst Group can handle all these platforms with the right strategies and bring back your business to normal. Reach us now.

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