Top Trends in Digital Marketing 2020

Top Trends In Digital Marketing 2020

Top Trends in Digital Marketing 2020

Whatever your industry is, you always need and cannot neglect digital marketing trends. Just a few years back, all we needed were a website and a Facebook page; or maybe a few more social media accounts like a twitter account and a Pinterest account to maintain but now everything has changed drastically in the past few years so much so that it’s hard to keep up the speed. If you check, very few successful businesses are there without an online presence. With this pandemic, most of the businesses are digitizing their businesses and those who already are online are adopting more technologies to improve. New technologies and techniques are coming this year and this will only increase at a faster pace. Let’s find the latest digital marketing trends in 2020.

What Are The Latest or Best Trends in Digital Marketing?

1. Do not Rely Completely on Google Analytics

There’s no doubt that Google Analytics is a great tool and should be definitely used but with the increasing number of technologies being introduced every day, we cannot rely only on Google Analytics anymore and feel that competitors won’t be able to beat us. Voice search is an example. Upsells, down sales, checkout bumps, repeat purchases, etc. have become common and there are many other ways you can actually generate revenue like affiliate marketing, webinars, partnerships, etc. Thus, companies have started using analytics solutions like Amplitude to tie into the database better. More and more companies are going to adopt business intelligence solutions – both free and paid.

2. Voice Search Optimization Will Be Priority, But Not For Revenue

As per ComScore, in 2020, more than 50% of the searches will be voice searches. This isn’t new and everybody knows it well. However, with the increasing number of usages, the optimization for voice search has become important. This helps with the brand but can it really convert leads into sales? There aren’t many solutions to this question yet, but soon there may be. However, it’s still a good choice to start optimizing voice search.

3. Turning to Alternative Communication Channels As Business Lists Won’t Convert

We know various types of communications such as email using which we communicate with our customers with the help of attractive content. This is called email marketing and most of the companies are already doing this. The click-through rates have been dropping with time over the years. This doesn’t mean that the email addresses are dead but the users are checking them less than before. Most of the emails are going unread; in fact, unopened. This means the message isn’t passed. Emails will stay for very long periods of time because of its own advantages but it’s not an easy way of communication. These days we have better options where customers can actually interact with the businesses at real-time to find the answers to their queries. Customers do not want to wait for responses via email any longer. Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. are in trend and businesses have already started using it for marketing, and so you should. To make things easiest, chatbots are being used, where default answers and questionnaires are placed based on most common questions from the customers saving both customers’ and business’s time.

4. Plans Won’t Last Long and Keep Changing Unless Yours Is A Strong Brand

You might have plans around your business like a moat. The water around a castle is called a moat and it has only one bridge joining the castle to the road outside to avoid invaders. The same way, you might have plans around the business like marketing strategies, price, etc. but unlike a moat, it won’t stay the same for a long period due to tough competition and changing technologies and user behaviour. They need to be updated from time to time based on your competitors and the advantages they have. But there’s one thing that can protect you from all this and your moat can stand longer, and that is your brand. If your brand is strong enough and is loved by your customers, then you will stand still even though you’ve tough competitors out there. A brand which is loved by people will always generate revenue because customers buy the product no matter what the price is and no matter what marketing strategies the business is using. There are businesses that have built that impression on people and without much effort, they get the sales done easily.

5. Automation Will Be The Only Choice Left and Marketing Will Become An Even Playing Game

If you had started your business years back with a low budget, you’d already know that SEO was one of the easy ways to start off and paid ads would cost you money. But over the years, everything has changed with the price drop, and many businesses are ready to help you with lots of support to compete in the industry and survive. It has become more level now. Credit card companies would make it easier to get large limits approval for startups. Financing companies would invest money on your business for marketing and other stuff. Software solutions would integrate AI to give your business better recommendations. Few companies even automate SEO and such stuff to make things easier. It may sound like they’re all benefits for your business; they are, infact. But this also means that to beat your competition in your industry, you too need to do something similar by giving offers and more benefits to your customers.

6. Optimize for Marginal Gains

There are numerous marketing channels and for each business one particular channel works best. For example, dropbox has benefited more from referral marketing. They gave away more space to those who referred to their friends and family. Another example is Facebook which used your email contacts and invited them all on your behalf. This doesn’t mean that you can build a business using one channel only. Moreover, good channels get saturated quickly. Even if these work, they won’t last long; it’ll work until your competitors make it tough for you. Marketing now needs to be focused on marginal gains. People will no longer focus on a single channel and wait to achieve their goal but they will have to focus on all the other channels too because if there is even 1% increase in each of them, then all that will add up making it a big change in your gains. That’s how 2020 is.

7. Personalization

Unfortunately, the problem with marketing is that more than 90% of the visitors do not convert generating revenue due to tough competition. There are plenty of options now. If you’ve already used amazing marketing strategies on multiple channels, you still might have observed this. There’s neither anything wrong in your marketing strategies nor in your product or service but the message that you’re sending to all your customers. It’s common for all types of visitors; unfortunately, not everybody is the same to find interest in it. Have you seen Facebook and amazon ad patterns? Whether ad or product suggestions they give, it’s based on your browser history. If you’ve searched for a book recently, you’ll probably see these ads all over the internet by Amazon. This is because they track your browser history, note what’s you’re interested in and show you the same so you can finally make a decision and purchase it. Imagine you see bags instead of books in the ads. Though they’re quality bags, you don’t need them at this point of time; so, you’ll skip it. There’s no point of conversion in such a case. The same is true for your business. If you can show personalized or relevant content to your visitors, then there’s a high rate of conversion.

If you’ve observed similar 2020 digital marketing trends and want to implement them soon to improve your conversion rate and increase revenue, you should definitely, learn it and implement. However, hiring an expert is a better choice. We at Digital Catalyst Group are experts in this.

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