Why Digital Marketing Is Important for Small Business

why Digital marketing is important for small business

Why Digital Marketing Is Important for Small Business

The internet technology has changed a lot in the past decade and the way businesses operate today is quite different than a few years back. With the changing technology and business models, ad agencies to have made several changes to their campaign models. It’s not true that only large businesses or brands can invest in marketing. Digital marketing is the new trend as most of the population is online and it comes at low prices compared to direct offline marketing. There are many benefits of online marketing. Moreover, it has a great impact on people’s lifestyle and habits.

● With the increased accessibility to the internet and the availability of all the services online, the number of internet users is gradually increasing.
● Along with the number of people, the usage of the internet is also increasing.
● Out of all the traffic a website gets in a day, 93% of it is from search engines alone. Which means direct
traffic is less which makes digital marketing important.
● 82% of the internet usage is from phones these days and they search online for products and reviews
before making any purchase decision.
● If a brand name appears more than once during a keyword search, half of the consumers are more likely
to consider that brand and stay inclined towards it.
When you think of digital marketing, don’t mistake it as a single term. It is an umbrella word containing many
other methods within it. Let’s check what they are:
1. Search Engine Marketing (SEO)
2. Content Marketing
3. Email Marketing
4. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
5. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
6. Affiliate Marketing

You need to understand each of them to decide where to start. Each of them has a unique way of driving traffic to the website, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Due to the many benefits, you will definitely get tempted to try each one and benefit out of it. There’s no doubt that each one of them should be tried. In fact, you must learn them or hire an expert agency to do this for you. We at Digital catalyst specialize in each one of them and have a different team for each so that we can put our 100% effort.

Still in doubt whether digital marketing for small business owners is right or not? Here we give the reasons.

Customers Are Online

The problem with most of the small businesses is that they keep postponing this, thinking either they can’t afford it or they don’t have enough time to spend on this. If you are too busy because you have plenty of customers already, then congratulations but, if you can pay little attention to digital marketing for online business, can do much better but if you postponed it because you can’t afford it, then let us clear the air. Digital marketing for business is affordable and if done right, it can give more ROI (Return on Investment). If you have postponed it because you want to do it once your business is well established, then think again. The purpose of digital marketing itself is to establish your business.

Even if your business model is offline rather than online, your customers still spend a lot of the time online searching for something or the other. They must be searching for you online but couldn’t find you. Do not let them choose your competitor just because they are online and you are not. Even if you have a website online, there’s no guarantee it’ll pop up on the first page of SERP as soon as your customers search for it. There comes digital marketing to play.

Your Competitors Are Online Too

If you were the only business online in your industry, probably you don’t need digital marketing because Google will recognize you and show your website on top results. Unfortunately, it’s not true anymore with the current situation when most of the businesses are already online. To compete with them, you’ve to be better than them and reach the top spot on the SERPs and reach as many potential customers as possible. You’ve to make your customers choose you over them and this is possible only with a quality service and digital marketing. You have to observe how they make their presence online. How do their websites look? Do they blog? Do they email their customers? Do they focus a lot on visuals and videos? Are they able to engage their customers? If yes, how do they do that? Are they providing any benefits or offers? Are you providing the same or more than that to your customers? How expensive or affordable your competitors are? What kind of audience do they target? These are just a few examples you should focus on. If you want to beat them in all matters, you must learn from them and opt for digital marketing.

Gives Access to Customers

The first thing anyone would do before making a purchase is to search for it online. Even before making a decision to purchase it or not, a person first searches online and then compares various service providers’ websites or compares products on various e-commerce sites based on the industry you’re in. Then, she finally makes a decision. There’s a process involved. If your small business marketing doesn’t come in top results, then you’re out of competition in the first place; forget winning it. The first thing you need to do is be visible and accessible to your customers. Provide good content in a promising and attractive way that the consumer chooses you; and last but not least, reach the expectations by providing quality product or service. Give them complete details like where you’re located, your working hours, your complete product or service details, etc. so that the customer doesn’t get too many questions about your service. This helps in easy decision making. Work on Search Engine Optimization, hire an expert or just hire an expert agency.

Targets Right Audience

When you print a bundle of pamphlets and distribute, there’s no guarantee that the person who received it is interested in it or not. If not, most probably s/he will throw it away. But with digital marketing, it’s not the case.
Your ad is displayed only to those who search for the keyword related to your industry. Search engines have their own algorithms which work based on the keyword search so that they can give relevant results. You would never see irrelevant results. So, there’s a high probability that the person searching may look into your services or products. But this will happen either with organic search SEO or paid search SEO. Your goal is to reach the first page of SERPs and this can be done by an expert only.
By now you might have understood the importance of digital marketing for business. Sure, it takes some time to learn and implement everything but expertise comes over the years. We at Digital Catalyst Group already have worked with many clients over 6 long years yet provide the services at affordable prices based on the client’s requirements and budget. Reach us now.

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