Car Garage Software

How a Car Garage Software brand received 1930 onboarding?

Client: Car Garage Management Software.
Specialization: Car Garage, Auto Spares Management, Repair Estimation.

Marketing Objective & Challenge

We were approached to collaborate on a marketing solution in the Auto Garage vertical. The result was a multi-touch marketing solution to reach a defined audience of potential individuals with limited online activities. We had to use several channels to engage with customers and reach prospects. In 5 months we achieved reach and scale, while increasing consumer engagement and streamlining execution.

Our Solution

The collaboration between DigitalCatalystGroup and brand delivered a consistent experience for customers that matched expectations from the initial call-to-action through to the sale.

  • Understand: The target market
  • Evaluate: Periodic evaluation to ensure selected marketing channels meets the business requirements
  • Generate:
    • Geo-targeting smaller regions in an area
    • Audience targeting using third-party demographic data
    • Local search optimization
    • SMS & WhatsApp marketing
    • Social Media Optimization & Marketing
    • Pay per click campaign


Website Visits: +350%
Leads: +123%
Conversions: +1930

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