Artificial Intelligence to Transform Social Media Marketing

Artificial Intelligence to Transform Social Media Marketing

We are living in an era with rapid changes in technology and so to succeed, we need to constantly update with what is the latest. Gone are the days when traditional marketing techniques like pamphlets, newspaper ads, TV ads and house to house marketing were used to gain more clients. Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence or AI and Social Media Marketing are at the core of most business functions. From teens to older ones, there are millions of users on social media. In order to reach this audience and market products & services is the end-goal of several businesses these days.

How is Social Media Marketing Important Today?

Marketing nowadays is influenced by constant changes in technology and industrial progress. In order to continue his good performance, a marketer is required to stay updated with the latest. In case businesses today are not involved in social media marketing, there is a huge loss that they can expect on the road ahead. Artificial intelligence goes hand in hand with social media marketing and a good combination of these two areas will eventually help marketers scale new heights. Mentioned below are a few of the top AI and Social Media marketing integration aspects we need to understand and which can be effectively used for generating a successful marketing venture.

Possibility of a Good Customer Service

Customers nowadays only want the best service. No one wants to wait in long queues or spend time in getting answers to basic questions. Customers using social media need answers within minutes and failing to provide these answers have an impact on the retention rate of your business or service. In this regard, it is highly impossible for businesses to provide 24/7 customer service for all their processes. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes into picture. AI helps in enhancing customer support and takes it to a whole new level. Although at this juncture AI is not fully developed yet and therefore ill equipped to solve every problem, but it definitely does enhance customer experience. With help of this technology some brands are also using data to find out about the type of questions asked by customers and prioritize solutions accordingly.

Slack Bots Upgrade the Marketing Strategy

Use of slack bots has greatly helped social media marketers. With implementation of slack bots, all the guess work which was manually done by marketers earlier is now automated. Presently, there is no need for tech savvy marketers to guess about the content that works because they have AI providing them with the relevant data. Slack bots help marketers get detailed analysis of a post and which helps them promote content which is relevant to your business. Slack bots are helpful in avoiding the guesswork and enable you base your marketing strategy on hard facts.

Text Mining and Good Marketing Automation

It is true that text mining is now considered to be realty.  Simply said, text mining means detailed analysis of structured and unstructured data across various social media platforms in order to discover buyer preferences. Further, the data recovered from text mining is used to develop a personalized strategy for users active on social media. With AI, the marketing strategy can also be automated and this helps you get the most out of text mining. There is no need of spending a lot of time thinking about the audience because AI will do it for you. AI can also help predict the right time to reach your audience and subsequently this helps in targeting them to enhance conversion.

Use of Facial Recognition in Facebook

Facebook is one of the big players who are spending a lot time and money on AI technology. It is AI that has made tagging feature easier on FB. As tagging is easy, it is also possible to use this data to recommend specific products and services to the user. Yes, there is a lot of potential out there with current trends in AI and also all future plans that are set to roll out soon.

Pinterest is Also not Behind in the AI Race

When it comes to use of AI, Pinterest is certainly not lagging behind. Pinterest acquired Kosei data software. However this is not going to allow Pinterest the option to provide personalized recommendation to users. This will only help them specifically target users according to their preferences and this is definitely a boon for marketers as well.

These and several other AI trends are going to take social media marketing to a very different level altogether. In order to be successful, you need to make sure that you implement use of AI the right away. It is essential and in your own interest that you be in sync with the latest trends and updates in order to make your marketing strategy aggressive to achieve goals in future.

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