What is meant by SEO in Digital Marketing?

What is meant by SEO in Digital Marketing?

Seo – The future of digital marketing

Let us first understand the meaning of the word SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization- which means it is a process or a system which helps you to increase the number of people visiting your website. Search engine optimization or the SEO collects all the relevant information from the web-pages and then based on the ranking of the page displays the top most websites on the search engine results page.

Now that we have understood SEO or Search engine optimization, let us understand digital marketing.

Digital marketing refers to promoting or selling products and services through digital channels or technologies and some of these channels are emails, mobile apps, search engines, social media and websites.

Digital marketing world

Gone are the days when customers would walk into a store and check on the products that they would want to buy. Today people buy everything online- be it from groceries to any big appliances, everything is bought online and so it becomes even more important for any business to flourish to market its products and services in the right way. And in this age of technology what better way can one find to advertise their business than doing it online through digital marketing. It is important to realize that digital marketing is not as easy as we think, there is a lot of competition out there even in the digital world and so it becomes even more difficult for one to highlight its products in the market. However, we will look at some of the important factors that affect SEO and understand how SEO helps in digital marketing.

Factors affecting SEO or Search engine optimization:

Keywords and titles are the core

  • Using keyword is one of the most popular ways that is used to search for product and services online. Customers just type a word in the search engine box and what SEO does is it pulls out information from all the web pages that are related directly to the keywords and then based on the ranking of the web-page.
  • The search engine results page will first list the paid advertisements and then list the organic or the free results. Often it is the first 3 to 5 top most results found in the search engine results page that customers would click on and if they do not find the right information that they are looking for in that keyword then they will not even look at the other pages for the similar keyword instead they would go back to the search engine box and type a different keyword and this time the keyword could be a synonym of the previous word.
  • Hence it is important that a web page has different keywords and synonyms of the word in the entire article. Apart from that, even the titles and subheadings of the article must carry words that would most often be typed on search engine boxes because SEO pays a lot of attention on the words that are used on the titles of the page as titles are used to summarize the article on the page.


Importance of links

  • SEO also checks for the links in a particular web page and this is because when one web page connects a link of another web page then it helps a customer to trust on the information as valuable.
  • The SEO considers links provided on a page as recommendations, a source of good information and that the web page is encouraging the customer to learn more on a particular subject. So the more number of links connected on a page, the more is its chances of being the top ranking sites by SEO or in other words it can be the ‘Shining Star’ on the result page.
  • However, it is important to note that Search engines can detect links from low quality sites and so Value of the link on a page depends entirely on the quality of the site or page.


Secret of content length and updates

  • People love reading well written articles online and so web pages that have length in their articles are the ones that attract the most. And this is because customers are in search of knowledge, their appetite is not satisfied by just knowing the basics of a product or a service, they want complete information and look for reviews from other customers on that particular product.
  • Web pages which have a lot of fresh, updated content and with healthy links from other websites is the one that will make it to the top of the ranking.


This information helps to understand that SEO or Search engine optimization plays a vital role in digital marketing and so if one wants to showcase their business (products or services) to the world then one need to make sure that their web page is on the top ranking list by the SEO. The best help that SEO provides is by advertising a business without paying for it.

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